The aim of our old age home in tuticorin is to feed, to shelter, to clothe, to counsel, to medicate and to bury the abandoned destitute persons in rural areas. This old age home in tuticorin is a long-term residential healthcare family providing an atmosphere of respect and concern for each individual’s resident. The old age home in tuticorin provides a safe, appropriates environments specifically designed to meet the need of its aged residents who may have different geriatric problems. We aim to provide the best of care to the elderly people in the old age home in tuticorin. We seek to enhance the quality of health, self-sufficiency in each and every individual and ensure a homely atmosphere. Our old age home in tuticorin provides shelter to the destitute who are in distress, it encourages socially conscious people like you to support the poor and helpless senior citizens and help them to begin a new life by providing their basic needs – food, shelter, clothes, medicines, etc.

old age home in tuticorin
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