Hill organisation for people's education (Hill Charity) charitable trust in tuticorin is created by Mrs.Brinah Prabhakaran and Mr. Prem Prabhakaran with a vision to support poor, orphan, abandoned children and women throughout tamilnadu, south India.

In 2014 they started running an orphanage and a home for the aged for abandoned girl children and elderly women in tuticorin, providing food, shelter, education medical care with love and affection. They started an educational support program in our charitable trust in tuticorin for children who are not able to continue their education after school education especially girls, who because of their economic conditions were sent to work and are not able to continue their education.

In many villages girls who excel in school education because of their poor economic conditions are not able to continue their higher education and are sent to work for daily wages for the rest of their lives. To make a change in the lives of such girls and women to empower themselves and to raise in their economic condition hope is started to give them hope and support them to continue their education and to fulfil their ambitions.

charitable trust in tuticorin
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