Hill Charity childrens home in tuticorin is a Home away from home for girl children who are deprived of their rights in this society and for girls considered a burden. Our childrens home in tuticorin provides them a home with affection. Children are sent to school and college. Children are motivated explore their hidden talents and are encouraged to develop them. Hill Charity Childrens home in tuticorin provide care and support till they are married and get settled in life. All the children are housed, clothed, fed, educated, and provided with school necessities such as supplies, uniforms, and transport fees. But, most importantly, they are given a family; they become family. Childrens home in tuticorin is the primary programme of the Hill Organisation for People Education (Hill Charity). We believe every child should be provided with all the basic things to enjoy a good life. We try to create a community of children who feel loved, nurtured and safe in our Childrens home in tuticorin

childrens home in tuticorin
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